C   E   R   A   M   I   C   A    M O D E R N A 

C   E   R   A   M   I   C   A    M O D E R N A 

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ceramica moderna 

C   E   R   A   M   I   C   A   M O D E R N A


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Tel: +39  3387013100


Mail: customer@ceramicamoderna.com


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ceramica moderna di Fiorenzo Pepe

Via Arimondi,40 - 96019

Rosolini (SR) 




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Fiorenzo Pepe and his wife Adalgisa

We put our face on our work

Welcome to Ceramica Moderna - Adalgisa Stampa 's Online Shop

Adalgisa Stampa is a ceramic tile printing laboratory born from the vision of Fiorenzo Pepe in 2013.

The Idea That Changed Everything

Adalgisa Stampa's goal has been from the beginning: to offer a printing service on request for high quality ceramic tiles, both for interiors and exteriors. Fiorenzo has combined professionalism and experience in digital, specializing in photography, digital graphics and printing techniques. Its mission is to create personalized prints that stand out for their uniqueness.

Craftsmanship and Technology in Harmony

Fiorenzo's philosophy is based on the fusion of Sicilian ceramic tradition with technology and craftsmanship. The company specializes in printing on ceramic tiles, guaranteeing customers an unrivaled artisan product.

From Passion to Expansion

Despite the initial challenges, thanks to passion and attention to detail, Adalgisa Stampa has recorded constant growth year after year. The registered office and laboratory are located in Rosolini (SR), and the company operates exclusively online, guaranteeing short processing and shipping times.

Craftsmanship at the Heart of Every Creation

Each product is handcrafted, with care and attention to detail. Fiorenzo, through his commitment and expertise, has created an online shop, https://www.ceramicamoderna.com/ to reach customers in Italy and around the world, offering them the same personalized service they would find in a traditional shop.

Specialized Service, Customer First

Purchasing on https://www.ceramicamoderna.com/ means relying on specialized staff who put the customer first. We offer an efficient and safe service, with traceable shipments and direct, qualified customer assistance.

Modern Ceramics: A Journey into the Future of Craftsmanship

Through our online platform, we invite you to explore the fascinating world of Modern Ceramica. Each piece is crafted with careful craftsmanship, ensuring that each purchase is a unique and special experience.

Your Creativity, Our Mission

We are here to make your ideas reality. In addition to offering a diverse catalog, we enthusiastically welcome customized projects. Ceramica Moderna is more than a store, it is a destination for those seeking originality, quality and the timeless enchantment of modern ceramics.

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